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Tenth Generation Award Winning Butcher

Unbeknownst to me, my butchery training with my father, Dairmuid, began about as soon as I could walk. Rural Ireland in the 1970s was wonderful but rough. The family abattoir was, literally within spitting distance of the house kitchen and it bore absolutely no resemblance to the clinical modern version of a slaughterhouse, which is not to say that it was worse. In fact, despite its massive 19th-century granite walls and flag stone floor, I believe it was superior.

Animals were dispatched in the cooler evenings when Dad and his men were finished their day jobs at the shop or otherwise. The throughput was tiny compared to modern killing houses, but because of this the animals were calm and didn’t know what was happening until the sobering deed was done. I learned early that this was THE most important link in the chain, as a stressed or upset animal produces bad, or what we called then ‘dark cutting’, meat, which modern factory production often disguises in canned meat products such as corned beef.

Nebraska grass fed and grain finished Angus Beef

The Jack O’Shea Nebraska grass-fed and grain-finished Angus Beef project was born after a chance encounter at the American Ambassador’s residence in Brussels in 2014. After a magic dinner and a firm handshake, a business was born.

In partnership with Duane Kristensen and family, we dreamt of taking America back to the old ways and allowing the cattle to mature slowly on the vast plains of the midwestern United States, where they roam happily and freely on wonderful grass pastures and finish on Gemma’s healthy mix of local Nebraskan grains, giving our beef its superior character and flavor.

They are processed locally in Nebraska, custom cut, and shipped nationally or internationally with full USDA accreditation and control.

This product is ideal for butchers, steakhouses, or any deli meat market.

We deliver from California to New England or anywhere in between and far beyond.

Products and meat

Grass-fed Grain Finished Pedigree Angus Beef Cattle are my first love. I also select and finish other premium Irish cattle such as Red White Head Proper, Hereford, Shorthorn, Dexter or other traditional native cattle of the British Isles.

Wonderful Irish and Scottish lamb bought by myself or bred by my brother, and whole Organic Pigs or their Organic Charcuterie by – Products such as my own Organic Hams, Dry, Smoked or Green, Sausages and Bacon of which there are endless recipes for.

Custom or International recipes from my own notes and travels may also be of interest.

All products are supplied fresh and invoiced based on current trade market price of animals plus labour and plus current international haulage prices per pallet. Containers or part for global shipping ex Ireland, USA or UK.

This is the ideal option for distributors, resellers and butchers with their own meat cutting facilities and own style or local requirements.
Animals are sent straight within a week of slaughter from Ireland, USA or Scotland.
  • Full Animal with Passport
  • 4 Quarters or simple cut with minimum labour charge
  • Pallet Delivery
  • International Transport to depot or agreed distribution centre
This option is ideal for restaurants and chophouses, who can afford to receive large pieces of meat for further processing such as Ribs and Short Loin for In-house Dry Ageing or Meat Packs and Custom Blends for own Fresh Burger Production.
  • Full Animal
  • Medium size packs
  • Additional labour charge will apply depending on specifications and skill/time required
  • Pallet Delivery
  • International Transport to nearest agreed drop off point
This option is ideal for groups of people that want to share, with family, friends or a dinner club, a full Angus Animal, custom cut to suit all and have the same great value as given to the wholesale customers in the options above.
  • Full Animal
  • Small size packs
  • Box Pallet Delivery labelled for each individual customer
  • International Transport to agreed drop off point

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