Corn Fed Duck

This is a divine roast. The fat is perfect as a result of the duck being fed... More

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Duck Legs

The duck legs are strong, fleshy and plump. They are carefully handpicked... More

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French Corn Fed Chicken Breasts

Our French chickens are fed only corn, which provides the name and the... More

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French Corn Fed Chicken Legs

These chickens are brought from France and have been mostly kept on a corn... More

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French Free Range Corn Fed Chicken

A 'Label Rouge' standard Chicken. Fed totally on cereals and can be made a... More

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French Guinea Fowl

A 'Turbo' chicken. Guinea Fowl is like a 'Wild' chicken which the French... More

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Fresh French Farmed Rabbit

Very mild and meaty compared to its wild cousin. Farmed rabbit is a very... More

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Magret de Canard - Duck Breast

A great alternative to steak, duck breast is quick and simple to prepare.... More

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Poulet de Bresse

Poulet de Bresse, the red-crowned king of chickens are the most highly... More

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Poulet Gris

It is an amazing free range chicken, only fed cereal for the last few months.  More

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Venison Boneless Haunch

Venison haunch is a deer’s back leg, and must be cooked in a similar... More

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Venison Fillets

Fillets are elegant, lean cut from Venison, which are perfectly shaped and a... More

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