English Oak Smoked Back Bacon

This bacon is prepared using natural and traditional curing methods and... More

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English Oak Smoked Streaky Bacon

One of the tastiest cuts of bacon. Cold smoked over pure oak to give it a... More

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English Unsmoked Back Bacon

This cut is taken from premier pork loins. The bacon is subjected to a dry... More

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English Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

Massaged by hand, using salt from the sea and sugar. Slowly dried and... More

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Iberico Pork Fillet

Flavour and texture are simply outstanding; this is the most tender part... More

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Iberico Pork Rack

Succulent & tender, almost melts in your mouth. The backbone has been taken... More

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Iberico Presa

We give an intense meat marbling and make the pork very rich in taste. It... More

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Iberico Secreto

I thought I knew it all until I tasted this incredible piece of pig. Cut... More

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