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"Jack O'Shea is an eight generation Butcher. One of the best,if not the best. Jack has forgotten more about meat, than most people will ever know about it."

Michael Vetter, Oscar Magazine - "Jack-o-Mania"

"The sausage is good and porky with traditional seasoning and a decent texture. A very creditable sausage."

Charles Campion, Evening Standard - "Fire up the Barbeque."

"The other steak I couldn't resist at Jack's was the fillet steak on the bone. Fillet comes on the T bone, but instead of taking off the fillet first, the sirloin is removed, leaving the fillet against the bone."

Lindsay Bareham, The Times - "Rare Steaks Uncommonly Good: Choosing a Steak for Dinner."

"Extraordinarily tender, "bone aged" Black Angus beef from Ireland. Since opening his UK shop Jack O'Shea has been snapped up as a supplier to Heston Blumenthal's restaurant, so the beef should be good."

The Observer - "Food Monthly: Christmas Special" awarding Jack O'Shea as one of the Top Meat Suppliers.

"Popular with the British and Irish are lamb and sausages, the latter made from fresh daily ingredients on the premises. The Italians and the Spaniards like their beef thinly sliced, so they can present their steaks a la minute. The Americans by contrast, want 'doorstep steaks'. And the French, well they just want the best of everything. "Its wonderful how food is a celebration in France," O'Shea exclaims. But nationality, rank or taste aside "we treat everyone the same," he says." - Interview and review of Jack O’Shea’s, Brussels

"O'Shea offers key tips for steak addicts and says we're just reclaiming what nearly every French person knows almost innately. Look for marbling in your steak rather than focusing on a premium cut. "Marbling melts as the meat cooks and bastes the meat internally so it's more tender. And after cooking rest it," he says. "The British answer to saving money is to put everything in a casserole but this is a tragedy. A good butcher should know the unusual cuts and put them to the test."

Interview with Metro - 2009