Meat Jack

Jack O'Shea is one of Europe's leading butchers whose expertise in butchery, range of meats and extensive knowledge of produce has won him critical acclaim and a large following within the food industry. Frequently voted as one the top butchers in the UK and Belgium by the national press, Jack O'Shea supplies meat to some of the finest restaurants in this country, Belgium and beyond.

Butchery is in Jack's blood. The family business, which was founded in Tipperary in 1790, spans eight generations of the clan but it was Jack who brought the O'Shea name to Europe when he left his father's business to go solo, opening his first store in Brussels in 1998.

In 2006 he came to London, opening a shop in Knightsbridge before moving to Selfridges for over three years before falling foul of Animal rights fanatics such as Sir Roger Moore and his ilke, over his passion and understanding for Foie Gras. "The lady's not for turning" as Maggie said... "He's currently working on a book which should make very interesting reading!!!"

Jack O' Shea is famous for his take on old school cuts and renowned for the quality of his poultry, game and offal but it is his grass fed and grain finished, Angus beef, naturally marbled and deliciously succulent that's caused something of a stir within the food world.

Prince Charles, who he adores, has received him at Clarence House to discuss beef and is a constant feature on his Brussels shop wall, and his 'Mammy's' piano!

His free range cattle are fed on a diet of grass and local grains, including whisky brewers grain, barley and oats, which has been specially formulated by one of the world's leading animal nutritionists. 

However, aside from the quality of his produce and the diversity of the meat available at his counter, what has excited food writers and chefs most about Jack is his continental style of butchery, a skill learnt and refined during his time in Brussels, working with  and supplying the renowned "Canne en Ville" and the legendary Yves Mattagne, and the techniques he has picked up whilst travelling in North and South America and South Africa.

A firm advocate in the belief that no part of the animal should be wasted and inspired by "nose to tail" cooking Jack has been on a mission to introduce more unusual cuts of meat to the British table such as onglet, culotte, bavette to colita de cuadril and picanha. For this alone he has been praised by the UK's leading food writers including Rose Prince, Lindsay Bareham and The Sunday Times's Lucas Hollweg.

He has featured and collaborated with the famous Heston Blumenthal many times, appearing in his 'Perfection' series, on screen and in print.The culmination of their ideas and discussions has led to Heston and Waitrose launching a massively successful burger product on the UK's premium supermarket shelves.