Lamb Kidneys

Grass-fed lamb Kidneys make for a wonderful tasting kidney stew. They can... More

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Lamb Leg

Lamb leg is leaner when compared to the shoulder. This leg can be quickly... More

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Lamb Merguez

I imagine the heavy use of spices would have been used for preserving meat... More

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Lamb Neck

It is a very difficult slice and needs very long, slow cooking to bring out... More

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Lamb Neck Fillet

The lamb is particularly great because of the huge amount of low-land and... More

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Lamb Noisette

This Lamb Noisette is a boneless version of the centreloin. It can be cooked... More

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Lamb Shoulder

The shoulder is scooped from the carcas leaving the ribcage on the body.... More

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Rack of Lamb

A rack of lamb is a cut made perpendicular to the spine. This lamb rack is... More

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